Five Ways to Celebrate Christmas without Shopping

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I love buying gifts for people – I start plotting out what to buy who for Christmas around January 1st. But, no matter how much fun it is to shop, if we commit the entire Christmas season to buying, we are missing out on most of Christmas’ charm. So here are five ways to celebrate Christmas that don’t include a trip to the mall!

#1. Bake Cookies. Cookies are always a wonderful thing to make at Christmas time, and what better gift can you make for people? So write out a list of people who you would never buy anything for and start baking cookies for them. Maybe you have a librarian that brightens your day or a neighbor that would enjoy something, maybe there is an older person in your community, the possibilities are endless. Don’t tell anyone who you are making the cookies for, just make them and deliver them! If you really want to get festive, invite some family members or friends over to help.

#2 Remember Your Mail Carrier: They come by your house every day and you don’t even think that they are a real people with thoughts and feelings; take a few minutes to come up with something good to do for them! Maybe you could leave a gift near the mail box or maybe you could give them some of the cookies you made. I’m sure they will enjoy the attention.

#3 Remember the Reason for the Season. Be sure to read the story of the Nativity at some point before Christmas –it’s not very long, and it is the very core of Christmas. Also, watch a movie about the Nativity.

#4 Share a Meal. Buy a meal or cook one for someone who might not have enough this year. I don’t mean that person you look down your nose at every other day of the year; this is not a way to build up your own pride, but to help someone else. If you personally know someone who is having a hard time and might not have the time or money to have their own Christmas meal, try to get one to them. I think a lot of people would be amazed at how some people live, and a simple meal would possibly mean a lot to some of them.

#5 Pay it Forward. If you can, pay for the person behind you in line, not necessarily something huge but just enough to let them know even strangers care about them.

I don’t know that all of these gifts will be graciously accepted – people are sometimes hard to please, but if you can help one person to have a great Christmas it will be worth it! And you will be amazed how good you feel once you put someone else’s happiness above your own. So do some things that aren’t commercial this year and have a merry and bright Christmas.

In the comments below, leave creative ideas you might have on how to make the most out of this Christmas season. I look forward to hearing them!

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