D.I.Y. Hair Beading

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If you have been a little girl or had a little girl,  at some point you probably wondered how to bead hair without spending money on some type of special contraption. If you have wondered how to do this I would like to give you a simple do-it-yourself solution!

You will need: beads large enough to fit over hair, a small hair band, and a three foot piece of dental floss.

1. First brush out the hair so that it will be easer to work with.  I have found that if you hold hair right above the roots as you brush it, it doesn’t pull quite as badly.  This could help keep this experience from being a painful one.

2.Now take the dental floss by both loose ends and fold it in half.

   3.Take the amount of beads you want to put in the hair and slide them onto the dental floss.

4.There should be a perfect loop on one end of the string, the beads in the middle, and the two loose ends at the bottom.   Just send a strand of hair through the loop.  Make sure there is more hair above the bead strand than below.

5. Now, all you have to do is gently pull on the dental floss while pushing the beads up onto the hair, until the beads are in the hair and the floss is loose.  Be careful as you do this; you can break hair handling it too roughly.


6.   Slide the beads into the place you want them to stay, and put a hair band around the strand of hair at the bottom of the beads.

   And now you have it! Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. What are you hoping to do with your beaded hair?

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