D.I.Y. Primitive Christmas Gift Labels

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It’s always fun to add a little something creative to Christmas packages.  After all, the gift is what will be kept, but the package will have to be looked at until Christmas Day.  So, what better to do than make your own gift labels?

To make my “Primitive Card Style” gift labels you will need:  A pair of scissors or a paper cutter, white card stock paper, brown card stock paper, glue, hole punch, 1 1/4″ snowflake paper punch, red ribbon, a ruler, and a pin.

     Cut Out the Snowflake

Using a snowflake punch, cut out a snowflake from the white card stock paper.  You can find snowflake punches online…I found mine at a yard sale!  Keep the snowflakes you cut out since they are what you will want to use later.

Cutting Out the Cards

Cut out as many snowflakes as you want to make gift labels; if you want ten labels, cut out ten snowflakes.  Now, it’s time for you to cut out the cards.  I used scissors to cut the cards, and just used a pen and a ruler to draw cut lines on the paper; however,  a paper cutter would probably work best!  Cut the brown card stock paper into 3″ by 1 1/2″ pieces.  Once you have the cards cut out, just fold the brown papers in half.  You will need the same number of cards as you have snowflakes.

     Gluing on the Snowflake 

Glue the snowflake onto the brown card; be sure to leave enough room to punch a hole at the top of the card without cutting the snowflake.  Be careful as you glue the snowflake into place. The cardstock maybe textured on one side, and not on the other; you will want to show off the textured side.

Punch a Hole in the Card

Now just use your hole punch to punch a hole in the upper corner, opposite to the side that opens.  This hole will be used when you add your ribbon.

Adding Your Ribbon

Fold the ribbon in half and send the two ends through the back of your card; it should come out of the hole beside your snowflake.  On the back side of the card should be the other end of the ribbon, loop the two ends through this fold on the back side of the card and pull it tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that you can’t open the card.

Now all you will need to do I write “to” and “from” inside of the card. To do this task I used my calligraphy set, but you could use a stamp set or the pen I mentioned earlier.  This is the point when you can get really creative.  I go for a more simple look with my work, but you could use a gel-pen, paint, or sparkles to write inside if you want.

Just a Thought

Don’t just do what I did; this is your chance to show what looks good to you!  Add something special to your cards to make them original.  And once you do, leave me a comment to let me know about it –maybe you will inspire someone!


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