DIY Beaded Key chains For Kids

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This is a great project to do with kids!  It’s cute and creative.  

What You Will Need

To get started you will need to have one pipe cleaner, 42 Tri Beads, 3 hair beads, and 1 key ring.  Pick out whatever colors of beads and pipe cleaners you want; find the colors that show your likes and feeling.

    Getting Started

The first thing you will need is the pipe cleaner –bend it in half.  Send the key ring onto the pipe cleaner so that it is right in the middle of the pipe cleaner.  Once you have the key ring in place, twist the pipe cleaner so that the key ring will be secure.  Make sure you don’t twist the pipe cleaner too close to the key ring; if it is too tight you won’t be able to get keys on the ring.

Putting on the Tri Beads

Now you should have two ends of the pipe cleaner that you will be working with.  Put seven tri beads on each end, making a total of fourteen beads.

Putting on the Hair Beads

Pull the two ends together and fasten them together with a hair bead.

Just Keep Doing This

To finish this craft, just add fourteen tri beads, the same way you did the last time.  Then, add a hair bead to connect them; do this twice.  To finish, just twist the pipe cleaner at the end until all the beads are secure.  And your done!

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

Don’t forget to keep me posted on your work.  I would love to hear your thoughts and how you are planning to use this project.


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