DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

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Let’s face it, when you’re a little child Thanksgiving dinners can be incredibly boring.  There are people talking everywhere about nothing you understand, and getting dinner together can be pretty boring also since kids have very little they can do to help.  This is why I have designed my Thanksgiving napkin rings that have been made for coloring.  This way you can give your children the job of decorating the napkin holders so that you can cook.   Or you can give the kids crayons at the table so that they can color in their napkin rings once they are done eating.  If you are interested in making these, here is how you put them together.

1.   First of all you will need to download and print the coloring page,  here is the file, and it is free!  Our Thanksgiving gift to you and yours!  Thanksgiving Napkin Rings   is the link to get the download.

2.   Once you have printed the page, this would be the ideal time to color in the turkeys if you are hoping to have them decorated before dinner.  Next, cut out your turkeys and napkin rings.  There is a line to cut around to make sure everything goes smoother, so just cut around it!

3.  Now you will need tape.  Tape one end of the napkin ring and tape it to the back of the turkey cut out.

4.  Next you will want to take a napkin and fold it to go inside the napkin ring.

  5.  Take the end of the strip of paper, that will be your ring, that doesn’t have the cut out on it and begin wrapping it around the napkin.  Glue or tape the cut out onto the ring so that it will stay in place.   Now you are done!

Be sure to let me know how this project goes for you.  Leave me a message in the comments and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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