A Small Business Built on Father’s Example

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“Old Barn Toys” is a toy shop located in Bartlett, Ohio. This is the place where people can find hand-crafted, wooden toys. When I first ran across the shop while looking through Etsy, my initial thought was, “I really need to see if I can get an interview with this craftsman”. Lucky for me, the shop owner, Solomon Bennett, was kind enough to let me know a little bit about his business for this article.

Solomon told me that he has been making toys since he was 10 when he made his first toy cannon. When I asked him how he learned to work with wood he told me “from watching my Dad who made wooden swords and axes for us”. Solomon spent the next few years of his childhood making toys now and then, until he graduated high school. “After I graduated I didn’t know what kind of career to go into,” Solomon told me, so Solomon decided to take a little while between high school and college to figure out what he truly wanted to do with his life. “I couldn’t find any college classes that interested me so I thought while I was figuring out what I was going to do with my life I would make a little money on the side by making some wooden toys and selling them on Etsy.”

It was at this time that Solomon started making a little part of his childhood into a career. “It grew from there until I realized I could make a living out of it.”Solomon has now taken the art that his father taught him as a child and is using it to give children beautifully made toys. These toys look so real that I thought one might be an actual tomahawk when I first saw it. If you are interested in seeing his shop on Etsy, follow this link, “Old Barn Toys”.

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