Memory Stockings: Giving the Past to the Future

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If you are looking for a way to make sure your lost loved ones will be remembered by future generations, this is an amazing way to do it!

Take your dearly departed one’s old clothing to make original Christmas stockings for your children or grandchildren. This will give you the opportunity to tell younger generations about what fun times you had with that person, how they made your Christmas’s in the past special, and explain to them how God’s gift to the world so long ago made it possible for you to see that person again someday.

The wonderful part of this idea is that it will also be something that your children can keep for years to come, and maybe the stories that you told them will be passed on for generations.

Here are a few patterns you can order if you want to make your own stockings, this way you will also add your own work to the list of memories that can be associated with these stockings. You could even tell your children stories as you make the stockings.

Or you can order stockings from a seamstresses if you are one of the many people who just don’t have time to be Suzie Homemaker and you can help someone else with their business in the process.   Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments.  Which of the stocking patterns I’ve listed do you like the most?  Wonder if you favorite is the same as mine!

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10 Comments on “Memory Stockings: Giving the Past to the Future”

  1. I LOVE this idea! I’ve been torn trying to decide on storebought fabrics for our family’s stockings (the dollar store felt ones don’t have a reasonable shelf life and I. WANT. PRETTY. I have a few of my husband’s shirts he no longer wears, but they were my favorites on him, and I’ve been drawing a blank on what to do with them! Thank you for the sweet idea!!

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